Part 2 of `The Squid Game` was invested nearly 2,000 billion VND in production

Part 2 of `The Squid Game` was invested nearly 2,000 billion VND in production 3

(Dan Tri) – According to Daum newspaper (Korea), `Squid Game 2` (Squid Game) has a production budget of up to 100 billion won (nearly 1,900 billion VND).

The Korean survival film titled Squid Game, consisting of 9 episodes, officially debuted to global audiences in September 2021, quickly becoming a global phenomenon.

The film tells the story of the fight for survival of 456 poor people to win the prize of 45.6 billion won.

In addition to Lee Jung Jae, the film also brings together a cast of famous Korean actors such as Gong Yoo, Wi Ha Joon, Jung Ho Yeon…

`Squid Game 2` is in production (Photo: Naver).

In 2021, The Squid Game reached more than 3 billion minutes of viewing and brought producer Netflix about 891 million USD in revenue.

The Squid Game and the film’s cast also reaped some significant achievements at the 2021 and 2022 drama awards ceremonies.

Realizing the success and appeal of The Squid Game, the producer has begun work on part 2 and the film is in the final stages of completion.

In particular, Netflix also invested heavily with production costs of up to 100 billion won.

Many sources say that the male lead of Squid Game – Lee Jung Jae – can receive a salary of 1 billion won/episode (more than 18 billion VND/episode).

In addition to Squid Game, Netflix also spent heavily to invest in a Korean historical drama project (currently unnamed) with the participation of Song Hye Kyo and Goo Yoo.

It is expected that the film’s budget is up to 80 billion won (1,400 billion VND).

Part 2 of `The Squid Game` was invested nearly 2,000 billion VND in production

`Queen of Tears` brought in a profit of 10 billion won (about 184 billion VND) (Photo: tvN).

According to Daum, Netflix is placing high expectations on Korean-produced films.

It is expected that Netflix will release about 26 Korean dramas and movies this year.

Korean films such as Squid Game, The Glory, Marry My Husband or most recently Queen of Tears all have viewership.

Queen of Tears was invested with a budget of 56 billion won (about 1,031 billion VND) for 16 episodes, equivalent to 3.5 billion won per episode (about 64 billion VND).

Initially, the estimated budget was about 40 billion won (about 737 billion VND), but during the production process, the film’s budget increased by an additional 16 billion won (nearly 300 billion VND).

With a large investment budget, Queen of Tears is said to still bring large profits to the manufacturer.

The amount of money they earned from selling the film’s broadcasting rights was 65 billion won (1,200 billion VND).

The film was released last March and quickly caused a fever on the Netflix platform in many countries, at one point even reaching the top 1 position globally, in the non-English drama category.

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