`Heart Rescue Station`: The audience announced they were quitting the movie, what did Thuy Diem say?

`Heart Rescue Station`: The audience announced they were quitting the movie, what did Thuy Diem say? 10

(Dan Tri) – Many viewers after watching episode 31 of `Heart Rescue Station` announced to quit the movie because they were frustrated by the rambling plot and Thuy Diem’s character My Dinh.

Episode 31 of the movie Heart Rescue Station aired on the evening of May 20 with new details that continue to make the audience frustrated.

Specifically, in this episode, Vu (Truong Thanh Long) helped the female lead Ngan Ha (Hong Diem) find a witness to sue her ex-husband Nghia (Quang Su) in court.

Excerpt from episode 31 of the movie `Heart Rescue Station` (Video: VTVGo).

Accordingly, recognizing Nghia and An Nhien’s weakness is little Golf.

After that, the characters panicked and searched for little Golf.

As for An Nhien, she followed little Golf’s watch to find the exact location.

An Nhien even took pictures of My Dinh, along with a recording as evidence.

When she got home, while angry, Ngan Ha couldn’t control herself and scolded her friend for being stupid and destructive.

This episode makes the film’s story even more confusing, making the audience frustrated.

In the introduction to episode 32, Ngan Ha had to withdraw the lawsuit against Nghia, because Nghia threatened to accuse My Dinh of child kidnapping.

My Dinh’s act of kidnapping baby Golf in the movie made viewers frustrated (Photo: VTV).

Heart Rescue Station episode 31 became the most searched keyword on movie forums, along with many comments declaring that they would quit the movie, not wanting to watch the movie because of rambling and frustration.

`Watching the movie is so frustrating. Officially quit the movie`;

Sharing with Dan Tri reporter, actress Thuy Diem said that she was not at all shocked or surprised by the audience’s reactions, because the actress was mentally prepared and knew her character up to this stage.

`Heart Rescue Station`: The audience announced they were quitting the movie, what did Thuy Diem say?

Many viewers announced they would quit the show after watching episode 31 `Heart Rescue Station` (Photo: VTV).

`I can understand the emotions of the viewers. The character My Dinh was initially built as a very assertive, straightforward and devoted girl with her friends, but later on she had very impulsive actions.

My Dinh talks a lot but acts without thinking, thus always causing destructive situations, half laughing and crying, and even leaving very serious consequences.

To me, My Dinh is quite interesting and different from the previous roles I have played.

Whether the audience loves it or hates it, this is a new role that I take on and want to perform well.

The actress further shared that currently, she does not dare to read too many comments from the audience for fear of affecting her psychology.

`I hope the audience only hates the character My Dinh in that situation, but in other situations will love, sympathize and understand her more,` she expressed.

The actress said that she has now filmed and completed her role, so she also knows what the overall story and film flow will be like.

`Certainly at the end of the movie, the audience will see that it won’t be as rambling as they always feel. The movie will have a completely lovely ending, complete with a healing meaning. The crew and I hope that the audience will continue to watch.`

Before that, actress Thuy Diem also made the audience uncomfortable with her difficult voice.

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