`Decoding` President Putin’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria

`Decoding` President Putin's decision to withdraw troops from Syria 0

(Dan Tri) – During an unannounced visit to an air force base in Syria on December 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the withdrawal of most of the country’s military forces in Syria.

President Putin ordered the withdrawal of most military forces from Syria after successfully completing the anti-terrorism campaign that lasted more than 2 years.

Withdraw troops immediately

According to TASS news agency (Russia), President Vladimir Putin visited Russia’s Hmeymim air base in Latakia province in Syria this morning, December 11.

`I have asked the Ministry of Defense and the Chief of the Army General Staff to begin withdrawing the group of Russian soldiers (in Syria) to their permanent military positions,` President Putin said in front of Russian soldiers in Moscow.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed that Russian forces began withdrawing from Syria yesterday.

President Putin’s order to withdraw troops came after Russian Army Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov said on December 6 that Syria had been completely liberated from the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS).

Message from the decision to withdraw troops

`Decoding` President Putin's decision to withdraw troops from Syria

President Putin’s welcoming ceremony by Russian soldiers at Hmeymim air base (Photo: Sputnik)

Analysts say that President Putin’s announcement of troop withdrawal is intended to send a clear message that Russia has completed its mission in Syria.

`It is an affirmation to the entire region, the Russian people and the soldiers that the mission has been completed,` said British journalist Adel Darwish.

Mr. Darwish said that from the beginning of the military intervention campaign in Syria, Moscow has pursued the goal of `Syrian territorial integrity`.

In addition to announcing the withdrawal of troops, President Putin also emphasized that Russia wants to coordinate with Iran and Türkiye to bring peace to Syria.

According to some experts, Mr. Putin’s move is also intended to pressure and send a message to Washington that it is time for the US to withdraw its forces from Syria, or in other words, `the presence of US troops in this area.`

On the other hand, the BBC commented that it is not a coincidence that President Putin announced the withdrawal of troops and completed the campaign in Syria less than a week after announcing his re-election.

BBC said that this move is intended to send a positive signal to Russian voters, who are willing to support him in his re-election campaign.

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According to BBC, RT

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