Continuous explosions at Russia’s strategic base in Crimea

Continuous explosions at Russia's strategic base in Crimea 0

(Dan Tri) – The weapons warehouse at Russia’s Belbek airport on the Crimean peninsula was attacked in the early morning of May 16.

This screenshot from social media shows a fire at Belbek airport in Crimea after an attack on May 15 (Photo: Newsweek).

Kyiv Post quoted information from the Atesh movement saying that a weapons depot at Belbek airport, the main base of the Russian air force in Crimea, suffered significant damage after a long-range missile attack at dawn on the 16th.

The attack resulted in a sustained explosion at the main missile and artillery weapons depot, causing significant damage to Belbek airport infrastructure.

The attacked arsenal housed most of the bombs and missiles used by Su-27, Su-30 and MiG-31 fighter bombers.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, at dawn on May 16, drones and missiles were intercepted in four Russian regions, including attacks targeting the Crimean peninsula.

In the Belgorod region, Russian officials said two people were injured when multiple artillery systems opened fire on the city of Shebekino.

The governor of the Sevastopol region in Crimea confirmed that debris from a downed missile damaged several houses and a car, while the shock wave broke six windows.

Other drone interceptions occurred over the Tula, Bryansk and Kaluga regions.

The day before, at dawn on May 15, powerful explosions were recorded in an attack on Belbek airport in Crimea, causing a fire that lasted for several hours.

Local media channels and officials reported more than 20 explosions of varying intensity in the vicinity of Belbek airport.

Russian officials claimed that Russian air defense forces intercepted all ATACMS missiles, but some US-made precision guided weapons dispersed cluster bombs, causing authorities to warn people not to touch them.

Before the conflict in Ukraine broke out in February 2022, the Russian air force often stationed 20-40 fighter jets and bombers permanently at Belbek.

Belbek Air Base in the city of Sevastopol is currently home to many modern fighter aircraft including Su-27 and Su-30 as well as MiG-31.

Belbek Air Base has long been considered a top target for Ukraine.

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