Fierce fighting across the Ukraine front line, the US provided emergency weapons aid

Fierce fighting across the Ukraine front line, the US provided emergency weapons aid 0

(Dan Tri) – The US is preparing to grant a military aid package worth 400 million USD to Kiev in the context of fierce fighting breaking out across the Ukrainian front.

Ukrainian soldiers fighting in Donetsk (Photo: Reuters).

The White House on May 10 confirmed that the US is preparing a military aid package worth $400 million to Ukraine, as Washington returns to the pace of regularly providing weapons to Kiev.

In a memorandum released by the White House, President Joe Biden authorized the provision of `up to $400 million in U.S. Department of Defense military equipment and services as well as military training and education` to

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the aid package contains `urgently needed weapons` including anti-aircraft ammunition, artillery shells, anti-tank weapons, armored vehicles and small arms ammunition.

Reuters quoted a US official as saying that the new aid package for Ukraine includes artillery, ammunition for the NASAMS air defense system, anti-tank ammunition, armored vehicles and small arms that can be put to use on the battlefield.

On the same day, Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov announced that the new US aid package for Ukraine is a response to the successful progress of Russian forces on the front lines.

`Another shipment of weapons to the regime of (Ukrainian President Volodymyr) Zelensky is a response to the success of the Russian armed forces on the front lines. Our soldiers and officers continue to gain control of the

The US has passed a nearly $61 billion aid bill to Ukraine after months of deadlock.

Kiev will also receive about $10 billion in `forgivable or deferred loans` to support Ukraine’s economy and budget, including support for the energy sector and infrastructure restoration.

The announcement of the new aid package came after Russian forces launched an armored vehicle attack on May 10 near the city of Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine, while also carrying out large-scale attacks.

President Zelensky on May 10 admitted that `fierce battles` broke out along the entire front line, after Russia launched a large-scale ground attack in the northeast.

`We discussed defensive actions and strengthening our position in the Kharkov region,` Zelensky added.

The US predicted Russia would intensify a new attack in Ukraine, but expressed confidence in Kiev and skepticism about Moscow’s ability to make major advances.

`It is possible that Russia will make further advances in the coming weeks, but we do not see any major breakthroughs and over time, the flow of US aid will help Ukraine respond to these attacks.`

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