The Miss Universe organization’s resistance to accusations of `acting for money`

The Miss Universe organization's resistance to accusations of `acting for money` 1

(Dan Tri) – The explanation from the Miss Universe organization or the businessman who heads the organization – Anne Jakrajutatip – does not make public opinion believe.

Recently, a video recording of a private meeting of the Miss Universe organization was leaked and caused a stir in public opinion.

`Mistress` of the Miss Universe organization – transgender businessman Anne Jakrajutatip (Photo: Miss Universe).

In the clip, Ms. Anne said that the Miss Universe contest will have no age limit, allowing transgender women, married women, and children to participate, but will not let these people win.

In addition, the Thai transgender female billionaire also intends to organize the Miss Universe contest in the form of reality television to attract audiences.

In 2023, the Miss Universe organizing committee has allowed married women with children to compete in the Miss Universe contest.

Miss Universe organizers explained: `We believe that women should have the right to decide their own lives and personal decisions; getting married or having children should not be a barrier to their success.

In 2024, they continued to announce that there would be no age limit for contestants from the 2024 season. These changes by Ms. Anne are considered bold and attract attention in the world of beauty contests.

Since taking over the reigns of the Miss Universe pageant, Ms. Anne has repeatedly emphasized promoting equality and empowering women in the new era.

However, the newly released video has made the Thai businesswoman’s image `distorted` in the eyes of audiences who love the Miss Universe pageant.

The Miss Universe organization's resistance to accusations of `acting for money`

Ms. Anne Jakrajutatip with the contestants of Miss Universe 2022 season (Photo: Miss Universe).

Many people believe that Ms. Anne only cares about money and does everything to profit from the contest, contrary to previous statements on behalf of women’s rights.

After the video caused a stir, the Miss Universe organization quickly issued a statement responding to the information being spread online.

The Miss Universe Organizing Committee said: `In the face of recent misinformation and efforts to defame the Miss Universe organization, we affirm our steadfast commitment to the core values that we hold.

Ms. Anne Jakrajutatip also personally spoke up on her personal page.

She wrote: `Thank you for always being here no matter the situation. I always love you from the bottom of my heart. I hope the world doesn’t go crazy because of this pointless drama.

I still don’t understand why this man, to whom I was once so kind, would want to cause harm to me and the organization.

Ms. Anne also emphasized that, as a transgender woman, she always wants to fight for equality and never goes against the values she believes in.

The person who posted the video online also revealed that after the final of the Miss Universe 2023 contest, some contestants were taken to Mexico.

The Miss Universe organization's resistance to accusations of `acting for money`

Plus-sized beauty Jane Dipika Garrett was in the top 20 of Miss Universe 2023 (Photo: Miss Universe).

On her personal page, Nepalese beauty – Jane Dipika Garrett (top 20 Miss Universe 2023) also shared her opinion on the suspicion of fixing the results of the 2023 season.

She wrote: `I knew the competition was rigged from the moment I stepped on stage. I realized girls whose criteria were expanded by the group like me would never have a real chance to be crowned.

But it was realistic and I’m still very happy for the experiences there and the foundation I built.

Jane Dipika Garrett attracted attention at the Miss Universe 2023 contest as the only plus-size beauty.

After continuous scandals, many people question the future of the Miss Universe contest.

However, by early 2024, the Miss Universe organization continued to sell 50% of its shares to Mexican businessman Raul Rocha Cantú.

From mid-2023, long-time employees of the Miss Universe organization such as Ms. Amy Emmerich (former CEO of Miss Universe), Ms. Paula Shugart (former President of Miss Universe) and Ms. Esther Swan (former Miss Universe President)

After resigning, Ms. Paula Shugart announced that she would file a lawsuit against Ms. Anne for falsely accusing her of accepting bribes or fixing the results of the 2022 season contest. Ms. Paula’s actions received the support of many former Miss Universes.

Since 2023, because of Ms. Anne’s change in management style, some countries have refused to send representatives to the Miss Universe contest.

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