The secret tape of the Miss Universe organization caused public outrage

The secret tape of the Miss Universe organization caused public outrage 1

(Dan Tri) – On February 23, a video allegedly recorded at a private meeting between Ms. Anne Jakrajutatip (owner of the Miss Universe pageant) and the pageant’s team was shared on social networks.

The clip revolves around a conversation between Ms. Anne Jakrajutatip and her colleagues about the operating methods and new policies of the Miss Universe contest.

Thai transgender businessman Anne Jakrajutatip is running the Miss Universe contest (Photo: News).

This information was announced by the Miss Universe organization itself in previous announcements and created a positive effect on social networks.

However, in the clip, Ms. Anne affirmed that the Miss Universe contest has no age limit, allowing transgender women, married women, and children to participate, but will not let these people win.

In the video shared on social networks, the transgender female billionaire also shared her intention to organize the Miss Universe contest in the form of reality television to attract audiences, while integrating advertising and marketing.

The above video is being shared on many beauty forums and creating a controversy.

The Miss Universe contest has had 72 years of existence and development, and is classified as one of the four prestigious international beauty contests, attracting the attention of fans to honor beautiful, talented women.

In 2021, the contest was sold to Ms. Anne Jakrajutatip’s company and continuously has innovations.

Many people believe that Thai businesswomen only focus on the business side of the competition, instead of focusing on quality development.

The secret tape of the Miss Universe organization caused public outrage

Beauty Sheynnis Palacios was crowned at the Miss Universe 2023 contest (Photo: Miss Universe).

The audience believes that expanding Miss Universe’s contestants is a bold step and needs to ensure fairness for all contestants.

Currently, the Miss Universe organization has not responded to the above information.

In 2022, the Miss Universe Organizing Committee issued a notice allowing married women with children to compete.

At the end of 2023, the Miss Universe organization continued to announce that from the 2024 season, they will not limit the age of contestants.

Currently, many national competitions have also relaxed their regulations to welcome older contestants, married women, women with children, and transgender people to register to participate.

Since Ms. Anne took control of the Miss Universe pageant and issued a new policy on bidding for pageant franchises in countries, some leaders of this organization have expressed their discontent, declaring their displeasure.

Ms. Amy Emmerich – CEO of Miss Universe – has submitted her resignation letter.

After resigning, Ms. Paula Shugart announced that she would file a lawsuit against Ms. Anne for falsely accusing her of accepting bribes.

After the controversy, the fan community is expressing regret for Miss Universe and the reputation built over many years through the competition.

The current Miss Universe 2023 titleholder is Nicaraguan beauty Sheynnis Palacios.

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