Taiwanese students staged a $1.3 million insurance scam

Taiwanese students staged a $1.3 million insurance scam 0

(Dan Tri) – To carry out an insurance fraud scheme of nearly 1.3 million USD, a Taiwanese student orchestrated a methodical plan, even sacrificing his legs.

Evidence of Chang dipping his feet in a box of dry ice was obtained by Taiwanese authorities (Photo: Taiwan Criminal Investigation Agency).

According to Straits Times, a Taiwanese student hopes to pocket more than NT$41 million (US$1.29 million) in compensation from insurance companies on the grounds that he lost his legs due to frostbite.

However, this young man is facing a series of legal troubles after investigators discovered that he deliberately soaked his feet in dry ice for 10 hours to suffer severe frostbite, causing his feet to be cut.

Taiwan’s Criminal Investigation Agency said the student surnamed Chang conspired with his former high school classmate surnamed Liao to orchestrate the insurance fraud.

First, Chang purchased disability, injury, health and travel safety policies from at least five insurance companies.

Then, on January 26, 2023, the two people moved around several locations in northern Taipei.

To make his injuries more believable, Liao urged Chang to soak his feet in a box of dry ice for more than 10 hours.

Chang’s feet were swollen after being immersed in dry ice for a long time.

He then filed a claim and received NT$230,000 from an insurance company.

However, other insurance companies discovered irregularities in Chang’s records related to the date of purchase of the protection contract and the condition of the wound, so they decided to report the case to local authorities.

Investigators from the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office found that Chang had unusual frostbite injuries and no marks from shoes or socks on his injured feet.

Data from meteorological agencies also shows that the temperature on January 26, 2023 fluctuated between 6 degrees Celsius and 17 degrees Celsius. This temperature level is not cold enough to cause frostbite.

Among the items investigators recovered from the two young men were medical records, insurance policies, eight cell phones as well as a Styrofoam box containing dry ice and a green plastic bucket.

Further investigations revealed that Liao was facing financial problems due to investment losses in cryptocurrencies.

The Criminal Investigation Agency said on March 14 that both young men would be charged with fraud.

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