Coach Ten Hag affirmed that Man Utd players `did not commit treason`

Coach Ten Hag affirmed that Man Utd players `did not commit treason` 2

(Dan Tri) – Coach Erik ten Hag denied claims about an uprising in the Man Utd locker room as reported by British media in recent days.

Last weekend, Man Utd lost 0-1 to Newcastle.

Man Utd responded to the negative coverage after the loss to Newcastle by banning four journalists from the Manchester Evening News, Skysports, ESPN, The Mirror from attending Ten Hag’s pre-match press conference with Chelsea.

Ten Hag was thoughtful in the match Man Utd lost to Newcastle (Photo: Getty).

Coach Ten Hag was asked if he was concerned about a series of reports detailing discontent at the club. The Dutch strategist denied that the team’s dressing room was unstable.

`There’s no problem at all. Of course, there are always players who don’t play or play less in every team, some are less happy than others, that’s completely normal. In some cases

The Dutch strategist mentioned the 1-0 win over Burnley after Man Utd lost to Bayern Munich, as well as the last-minute wins over Brentford in October and Fulham in November, to demonstrate that the players still

`I’m sure, you can see, for example, the comeback against Brentford, the match against Burnley, the match against Fulham, every time the players showed great bravery, great determination, and resilience.

`I always listen to the players and always give them the opportunity to express themselves. If the players have different opinions, of course I will listen, but they haven’t told me, or there are one or two individuals who don’t.

`For the most part, the players want to play proactively, dynamically, courageously, that’s what they want. You can see that in the players from their performances against Everton and Galatasaray. You see, we are

Coach Ten Hag affirmed that Man Utd players `did not commit treason`

There is a lot of information that Man Utd players are protesting against Ten Hag (Photo: Getty).

Ten Hag denied there was turmoil surrounding the club.

`We’re on a journey, we know we’re still in transition but we’re moving in the right direction. You see, the way we’ve built a team, developed and are progressing, young players are coming through.

Regarding the reason for banning journalists, Ten Hag said: `Journalists should come to us first, not write stories behind our backs, that is not the right thing. I think we have a relationship.`

Ten Hag shared the view of Communications Director Andrew Ward, who informed the four journalists that they would not be allowed into Carrington.

Ward does not have a good relationship with the British media, because many other journalists have accused Man Utd’s communications director of preventing them from asking negative questions to the team during a press conference.

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